Monthly Bookkeeping / Quarterly VAT

We can offer you regular and updated bookkeeping for you and your business on a monthly basis. 

​Why should you waste your time and money on trying to do your own paperwork, when our professional team can help you, this way you can carry on what you do best. 

​We work closely with our clients in order to gain a full understanding of their business and we tailor the best way forward to streamline the all your paperwork & systems and we can set up and introduce a more efficient way in working which will save you time and money abe be a cost effective way of working.

​Paperwork recorded regularly can avoid making mistakes and missing what can be claimed by a business, it will make your business more tax efficient by the end of year.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Not all Businesses need a Bookkeeper or Accountant all year round. 

Trades like CIS Sub Contractors, Hairdressers, Delivery drivers, Carpenters, Plumbers, Painters & Decorators and many more.

We are here to help you with your end of year Tax return and the online submissions needed within the HMRC guidelines.

This can be submitted yearly online, all you need to do is to keep all of your Purchase receipts and Sales income throughout the year and we can do the rest!

Tax is becoming Digital as of April 2019, this means no more paper filing,& by working with us you won’t miss any deadlines.

PAYE / Payroll Services

Sometimes Payroll can be very time consuming for the owner/business and can also take you away from your own business!

That is where we can step in and help!

We can take the stress away from you and also keep up on all legislation regularly.

Our Payroll Services are thorough and, of course compliant with HMRC statutory requirements. 

We can deal with every aspect of UK Wages and Salary requirements including:

Setting up a new Payroll System for any business

RTI regular submissions to HMRC

Dealing with any PAYE & NI deductions

Help with Staff Contracts and updates

Complete the end of year Filing for P60 and HMRC submissions

P11d Expenses & Benefits

Set up a Stakeholder pension, enrol you and keep you updated

Much much more



New Business Start-Ups / Company Incorporation

Start-Ups can be daunting, but we can help you with your company formation, register you with all the neccesary bodies, HMRC and Companies House, set up your PAYE & help with getting your insurance & PI insurance ready for you to trade. We will look at your business to see if you will need any additional services or requirements when you first start.

We can help with:

Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies or any business

We can Implement management procedures and systems to ensure your business runs smoothly

CIS Registration/ Returns

Whether you are just a Sub contractor working self employed for a Company and being deducted CIS


a Contractor , employing subsontractors and making deductions regularly, we can help!

CIS Registrations and set ups/Monthly submissions

CIS Sub Contractor monthly certificates

CIS payslips

CIS deductions and submissions and filing


Just a simple CIS yearly Tax Return

Company Annual Accounts / Confirmation Statement filing 

As a Business everyone has to produce a Set of Accounts each year, whether you trade as a Sole Trader, Partnership, or a Limited Company.

This can be daunting, especially if you haven’t kept your books up to date regular,

Having regular bookkeeping from the beginning makes it a easy and efficient process by the time you reach your end of year, you will have less queries to sort out as we can sorth them throughout the year as they arise. 

When your business reaches around 245K we work beside one of our partners who are specialised Chartered Accountants, they work with us on the medium to larger businesses when we need a more in depth look at the tax implicationsas they are the experts in this area as your business grows.

Onsite at your Business Service

** We can also:

Come onsite to you at your business and we can help in the area needed, we will analyse any current systems and either “introduce a more efficient way of working” or leave as is, our motto “If it ain’t broke, it don’t need fixing”! Streamlining any current procedures with you or your current staff to free time up and to make a more efficient style of working, we can also look at ways of implementing and set up more stronger finance checks to avoid costly mistakes! Or we can come in to oversee the finance on a monthly basis to ensure each department is running correctly and efficiently!